My child wants to take a trial class, is that possible?
Yes, it’s possible if we have a spot available in the class and we’ve received a completed registration (done on the website) including the € 15,- sign up fee. You will receive a reply email right after you’ve completed the application that says your child has a space in the class and can join. That’s when you can join the first (trial) class.  If there is a waiting list you will not be able to click on that class during the enrollment. Please send an email to can tell you what other options are available. From June onwards children can watch a class but we do not offer trial classes at that point in the season.

Can my child try different classes?

Yes, that is possible. First you enroll for one class. Afterwards go to ‘MY ADC’ to enroll for a second class, you do not have to pay € 15,- anew.

Can my child join a class spontaneously?
No, this is not possible. You have to register your child in advance on our website. You will receive a reply mail saying that you child is welcome to join class, this is when you can come to the studio and your child can participate in the first (trial)class.
If your reply says we’ve placed your child on a waiting list you have to wait for an invitation email before coming over for the (trial) class. When we receive the enrollment we reserve a space in the class so your child can continue with classes right after the first class. Taking a trial class and starting weeks later is for this specific reason not possible.

I just want my child to take a trial class, it says that I have to register for an entire season, how does that work? After registration you are not committing to anything. You can cancel within a week after the first class by sending an email. During the season you can send us an email before January 15th, 2023 for cancellation of classes from February 2023 to June 2023.

How much is the tuition?
There is a registration fee of € 15, – per child / per year. Registration fee must be paid by IDEAL at the end of the online registration. Registration fee will not be refunded, even if a child doesn’t continue classes after the trial class. The tuition is collected monthly on  the 15th of each month, by direct debit. All published amounts are monthly amounts. A whole season is 10 months. For current prices, please refer to children’s prices.

Can we cancel the enrollment per month?
Your application for the children’s season 2022-2023 covers the entire (rest) period until the July 2nd 2023. We do not offer monthly cancellations. Please read also the topic ‘Cancellation’

What discounts are offered?
Brother / sister discount:5% discount for each child from the same family
Multiple classes discount:5% discount on the total price, for each additional class (from the second class) 

When I enroll two children can I use the same email address for both children?
Yes, this is possible.

When will it be clear if I get the discount?

Sibling discount is processed behind the scenes after the registration has been made.

How and when are the payments being processed?
Registration fee is paid by IDEAL at the end of the online registration. All payments will be by direct debit from the IBAN bank account number used with the IDEAL -payment for the registration fee, around the 15th of the month. There will be 10 monthly payments.

What are the prices of a single class?
In the children’s division we do not offer single class pricing options.

My child starts classes later during the season. Do I get a discount?
Upon entry after September 15th 2022, the first payments will be settled comparatively

Can I pay in cash or by pin at the front desk?
All tuition payments are made only by direct debit, you cannot pay any other way.

I’ve got a debit block on my account or direct debit failed for whatever reason, what happens next?
If direct debit  is not possible for whatever reason, we will have to send an invoice, a reminder invoice and a notice of Default. For the notice of default we will charge € 15,- administration fee. For an unlawfull reversal we charge € 25,- penalty fee. If payment is not forthcoming, we hand over the payment (including administration fee) to our collection agency

If my child changes a class during the season that is different in fee and duration, what happens to the tuition fee?
If necessary, the remaining fees (when a child changes to a class that has a longer duration), will be collected by direct debit.

My child wants to discontinue after the 2nd/3rd class. Do I get the registration fee refunded and do I not have to pay for anything?
No, the registration fee will not be refunded and you are mandatory to the monthly payment until the Jan or the June term. We encourage you to carefully read the Payment and General Conditions pages on our website before you sign up with us.

I qualify for financial aid, do I still have to fill in my bankdetails?
In case the tuition fee will be paid by the Jongeren Cultuur Fonds, the online registration can only be done after you have send the email stating the tuition is awarded to When we’ve received the email you can enroll your son/daughter online. You now only have to pay the registration fee of € 15,- by Ideal.

Does Amsterdam Dance Centre apply for financial aid?
The financial aid request must be made by an intermediary at your child’s school or a social worker.

My child didn’t enjoy the first class, what should I do?
After the first class (trial class)  You will send an email to: within 1 week of the trial class. Your cancellation will be confirmed by email. No direct debits will take place. For late cancellations we charge 1 month payment.
During the season Only possible one time per season. You will send an email to: before 15 January 2023, your cancellation will be confirmed by email. There are no direct debits from February 2023 onward.

My child took a trial class but I’m not quite sure he/she liked it. What should I do?
You may send us an email so we can call you and give you proper advice. Does your child continue taking classes and you have not contacted us then you are obliged to pay to the monthly terms.

If my child wants to quit class can the enrollment be taken over by another child?
This is not possible. An enrollment is personal and not transferable.

I have more children I would like to enroll. Can I do that all at once?
No, every child needs its own enrollment. You can do this through our website.

If my child cannot be present in a class, should I report this? 

If your child cannot be present in the class, we appreciate a notification to the following email address:

Do I have to re-enroll my child every season?
Yes, all children have to sign up each season again and also pay the € 15,- sign up fee (also children who have been in class the previous season).

My child has been on the waiting list for quite some time now. Do you guarantee a spot next season?
No, you need to re-apply for next season like everybody else.

Should I cancel my child’s enrollment at the end of the season?
No, all enrollments expire automatically at the end of the season.

Where can I see which class my child is signed up for?
You can find the classes in your child’s profile; click ‘MY ADC‘ on our website. 

My son/daughter has a friend joining him/her today. Can they take the class just this one time?
To monitor the quality and continuity in our classes we cannot incidentally have friends join the class. They are allowed to watch (as long as it does not disturb the class).

Do children work toward a performance?
Not every season. We will send out an announcement when a performancer will take place.

I didn’t receive important information, how is this possible?
We only communicate important announcements about the classes and performances of your child. We communicate by email. It is therefore essential that you can receive our mail and read the messages completely! (Check your spam filter settings and be careful when reading mail on smartphones and tablets) We are not responsible for emails not received.

Where can I find vacation dates and information about the end date of a season?
You can find all vacation dates on the holiday tab.
 Season 2022/2023 runs until July 2nd, 2023

Do you guarantee a spot in class when the child is on the waiting list?
Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to guarantee a spot in one of our classes when they are already full. We encourage parents Register online. Sometimes spots open up faster than was expected initially. When we see no spots are opening up for a long time we offer you the opportunity to choose from available alternatives.

Does my son/daughter Proceed to the next level automatically?
Children do not Proceed to the next level automatically. All children enroll anew every season. At the time of enrollment the age of the children is considered, we will consult the teacher if necessary.
In response to this information your son/daughter will proceed or enjoy the same class one more season. You can indicate in which class you would like to see your child
We are very serious about placement of children. Should there be shifts, it will always be because it’s better for the child, we’ll stay in touch with the parents about it.

What does my child wear in class??
For all classes a dresscode applies, Please visit our dresscode tab.

When can I enroll my child in the next age group?
If your child celebrates his/her birthday before December 31st we will use the ‘new ‘ age already from September on.

Where are you located?
CITY CENTRE (Adult- and children classes)
Marnixstraat 342-e
1016XT Amsterdam

Locatie IJburg: (Adult- and children classes)
Krijn Taconiskade 444
1087 HW

I’ve already mailed my question to you but I didn’t receive an answer. What should I do?
Given the large number of emails we receive, we can no longer reply to emails whose answer you can find on this page. The previous is not unwillingness but because of lack of time it’s just not achievable. We hope for your understanding and are always willing to answer any questions that cannot be found on this page.

My question is not on this page, what should I do?
The best way to get in touch with us is by sending an email to
You will receive a reply from us shortly.

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