There are no childrens classes on the days below.
Holidays are already settled in the tuition.

Fall breakSaturday Oct. 10th up to and including Friday Oct. 16th 2020
SinterklaasSaturday December 5th 2020
Xmas breakSaturday Dec. 19th 2020 up to and including Friday January 1st 2021
Spring breakSaturday Febr. 20th up to and including Friday Febr. 26th
EasterFriday April 2nd, up to and including Monday April 5th 2021
May breakClass as usual
Ascention 2021Class as usual
1st and 2nd day of Pentecost 2021Class as usual
Summer break 2021Monday July 5th 2021 up to and including Sunday August 29th 2021