We would like to personally speak to everyone who is interested in our adult division, as we consider a personal approach to be of paramount importance. Unfortunately, this is not always possible due to the large number of members we have.We kindly ask you to read the questions below carefully before contacting us.
If you still have questions after reading the following carefully, we will of course be happy to help.

Amsterdam Dance Centre offers a large variety of dance classes. You can come to our studio, sign up for the class of your choice and take the class. You can also book your class ahead of time on our website.
When you come to our studio for the first time we suggest being there approx. 30 minutes
before class starts so we can give you all the information you need.

The easiest (and most fun) way is to try different classes. This way you know which class you’d like the most the fastest. In the adult division we do not offer free trial classes you can pay for a single class (PIN only). You can also visit our Instagram account to watch the large variety of class videos to get an idea.

If you have any doubts about your level we suggest you’d take an easy level class for the first time. It’s better to take a class that feels like it’s too easy for you than the other way around.

You can search for a class of your choice on the online schedule.
you click on the ‘book’ button behind the class of your choice. You will see a blue rectangle with ‘login’ on the left and ‘create account’ on the right. Choose one of these and follow the further steps.

We mostly offer 90 minute classes, some classes have a different duration. Exact classtimes are published on our website.

You can take a single class for € 22,50 per class. If you know for sure you are going to take class on a weekly basis we would advice buying a membership. Price of a membership is €40,- ,never expires. Class price with membership is € 17,50 per class. In combination with a membership you can also buy a 10-class card and a subscription of your choice.

Yes, we offer a variety of subscriptions (only in combination with a valid membership):
6 months subscription € 70,00 per month
1 year subscription € 60,00 per month
6 months IJBURG subscription € 50,00 per month
The First term is paid at the front desk by pin (no cash) or online with Ideal. All other terms will be paid by automatic bank deduction. General Conditions apply on all the above
We also offer an unlimited card (can be bought without a membership); € 190,- for one month unlimited classes.

Classes are ongoing. You can start classes at the time that is convenient for you.

Yes, classes are built up in a way they should be easy to follow for everyone at any given moment. Warm-up is usually a set series of exercises but Combinations/ choreographies are new on a regular basis.

Because Amsterdam Dance Centre offers single classes every day of the week an open day is not a yearly returning event on our schedule. In case an event like this will take place it will be published on social media and on our website.

On our schedule you can find  the class level behind every class.
Hereby the explanation:
Open level: Can be followed by everyone
Basic: Absolute beginner; never / hardly danced before.
Beginners: Some knowledge/ previous dance experience.
Beginners/intermediate: Beginners who have been taking class for a while. Still at an easy pace                     
Intermediate: Semi advanced
Intermediate /Advanced: Slightly higher level than intermediate
Advanced: Advanced
Professional: Professional

Average age in the adult classes is between 25-45. When children in the children’s division turn 16 they can also start taking class with the adults. We do not have any age restrictions because we feel everyone is welcome to come and dance!

We do not have a specific dress code. We advice comfortable clothing; no street clothes, no street shoes! When you’re going to take class for the first time we suggest you dance barefoot or wear cotton socks.

We offer a large variety of classes, all of them can be found on the schedule on our website.

Yes. We can organize private classes. Please send an email to saskia@amsterdamdancecentre.nl with your request (wedding/ bachelorparty/ anniversary/ extra training).

No, we are an open studio not a college/ university.

Because we work with an ‘open class’ system we do not work towards a yearly performance. teachers offer different choreographies on a regular basis.

You are more than welcome to take as many classes as you like.

Adult division classes take place at two locations:
City Centre :
Marnixstraat 342-E
1016XT Amsterdam

Krijn Taconiskade 444
1087 HW   Amsterdam
020-4164636 (During classtimes)

Public transport:
City Center: Tram 7 & 17 stop Elandsgracht.                                                                                                                                                             
Tram 1,2, 5, 7, 11, 12, 19 stop Leidseplein

Ijburg: Tram 26 last stop.

There is plenty of street parking space in the area of our studios. A large parking garage is also nearby our Main location in the Marnixstraat:


Amsterdam Dance Centre adult classes are ongoing 7 days a week, all year long (with the exception of the 25th– 26th– and 31st of December , the 1st of January and Kingsday).

Our hours of operation are:
Monday09.00 – 22.45 o’clock
Tuesday09.00 – 22.45 o’clock
Wednesday09.00 – 22.45 o’clock
Thursday09.00 – 22.45 o’clock
Friday09.00 – 22.45 o’clock
Saturday9.30 – 22.45 o’clock
Sunday9.30 – 22.45 o’clock

We do not offer a Visaprogram since we are an open studio not a college/ university.

When you lose your membershipcard you can purchase a new one at the frontdesk. Cost of a new card: € 5,-.

Prices: € 130,- members only,  (= membership € 40,-).

You can on our website but it’s not mandatory. It does ensure your spot in class. You can also come to the studio and sign up at the front desk (PIN payments only). For our tapcourse we do ask an early sign up.

Yes, it is possible a class is full but because we offer over a hundred classes per week there is always another class that you can enjoy.

We take appropriate measures after each press conference.
We can adjust class numbers / enter access to the building at the last minute as
well as a number of other things. We will continue to offer classes
thru livestream or taped class recordings. Covid updates are published on the website and on the social media channels.

When you still have questions after reading the above we are happy to help you out. You are more than welcome to give us a call: 020-6161885 or send us an e-mail info@amsterdamdancecentre.nl

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