If you have not received our email last Monday (March 16th) we do not have your correct emailaddress. Please send it to us: info@amsterdamdancecentre.nl so we can keep you informed.

This is what we wrote:

Dear Subscription Holder of the ADC,

We like to give you a clear answer about what we are going to do with the upcoming March Term payment (March 30th).

We understand that it would not feel fair if we would charge the regular month term amount if we can not offer you any classes. (as the General Conditions do state).

Therefor we have decided to charge only half of your Term payment amount this month. Please note that we do not give the discount on possible membership fees or on missed term payments.

At the moment this is the maximum compensation the ADC can offer you in order not to get into financial difficulties.

It is a special and for many of us a stressful situation, in which we must continue to support each other.

We hope to be able to inform you soon that we will be open to start dancing again!

Kind regards,

Marie José Swart

Amsterdam Dance Centre

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