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Jenily Wagenmakers

HipHop/ Streetdance

Chloe Steeman

Ballet & Modern Jazz

Claudia Lantini

Ballet international

Susan Hoogbergen


Joey Mulder

Hiphop / Streetdance & Kpop Jeugd

Chaylah Carruth

Hiphop/ Streetdance

Anna Livia Kruidenier

Ballet / Modern

Jorien van den Dries

Streetdance / Hiphop

Sarita Jillianté

Hiphop/ Streetdance

Xaviera Nibte

Modern Jazz

Darcy Boonk

Hiphop/ Streetdance

Mireille Bolier

Kleuters / Peuters / Ballet

Florin Korthals Altes

Peuter / Kleuter

Yentl Smeets

hiphop / streetdance

Claudia Lantini


Claudia is a ballet teacher and she had her training at CODARTS Rotterdam Dance Academy ,and Mimma Testa dance academy in Rome where she was born.

She had professional experience as professional dancer in Dutch comapnies such as International Dance Theater of Amsterdam, Stichting Ens, and she danced in the productions of Bijlmer Parktheater. She is still in collaboration with many internationals choreographers such as Laura Bernasconi.


Description of class

She is very active as a ballet and modern dance teacher in Amsterdam. She joined Amsterdam Dance Center in 2018, where she teaches ballet for kids  in Marnixstraat. For the youngest she use to teach basic ballet steps through fun combinations and music games, while for the oldest she starts to teach the principle of  ballet thecnique with the use of the barre and combinations of arms, jumps and turns in the center.

She is very energetic during the classes and she loves to share her passion with her young students. 

She speaks Italian, English,Dutch.


Susan Hoogbergen


I graduated as a performing dancer from the Modern Theater Dance course at the Amsterdam School of the Arts. Since graduating in 2014, I have worked with various choreographers. In 2015 I founded the dance collective MAN || with 4 other women CO founded. At MAN || CO I am both maker and performer. We perform in the summers during festivals, at schools and in the theater.

Description of class

I also teach modern dance to teenagers & adults. My classes are creative, challenging and high in energy. I fully enjoy dance myself and like to pass on this enthusiasm through my classes!


Chaylah Carruth

Chaylah Carruth started dancing at the age of 4. In her primary school days she went to different dance classes three times a week. In her high school years she followed the Youth Dance Training Friesland and immediately afterwards a year of preparatory training at Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts. She stayed with the latter because there she moved on to higher vocational education and she followed both executive and teacher training. During this training she gave many lessons and after that time she started working at Faya Dance Centre. Chaylah is currently teaching various dance classes in Amsterdam.


Chaylah’s classes are all about fun, confidence and creativity. She believes it is important that everyone continues to develop individually and likes to play a role in this.


anna livia kruidenier


During my Havo I completed the preliminary training of the National Ballet Academy at the Theater School in Amsterdam. After that I studied contemporary dance at the HBO Moderne TheaterDans in Amsterdam. After graduating, I have been a professional performing dancer for over ten years, always with an urge to invent choreographies myself. In addition to making and performing, I have always enjoyed teaching. Now that I’ve fully taken the step to ‘dance teacher’, I teach classical ballet, including pointe, and modern dance to all levels and ages from 3 years old to.. infinity!

Description of class

My classes have a balanced mix of learning the required technique that is healthy for the individual body, and dance fun and self-expression in free dancing.

Streetdance / hiphop

Jorien van den Dries


Jorien started dancing at the age of 4 at danscentrum Artistique in Emmeloord. Later she also started teaching here. After high school, she started studying musical theatre in Zwolle and finished in 2020. Then she went to Amsterdam to study at HBO Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts and she will graduate in July 2024. Her passion is musical theatre and dance and she is excited to share this on a stage. But also to share this in her classes and teach the kids with excitement and passion! 


Description of class

In my class, it is important that everyone feels seen and feels the space to learn and make mistakes. I will teach the kids some basics of street dance/hip-hop and take that to a fun choreography. We also work on creativity and exploring their style. 

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