• 13JUL

    Why should fill in my bank account details if I just want to take a trial class?

    Since we have many children in class it has proven to be an impossible task for us to have 
    to call everyone to retrieve missing data. When the children decide NOT to continue with theclass (and you confirmed this with us by email within a week), we will remove all your 
    information out of our systems right away, and the trial class was for free.
    If we didn't hear from you within a week after the trial class and we see that your child 
    has taken two classes, we will use the specified bank account for the direct debit.This willtake place between the 2nd and 3rd taken class.
    Needless to say your information will be treated confidentially.
    Applications without bank details we will NOT be processed. Children cannot take a trial 
    class when bank details are missing.