Class Rates Youth

– All rates are monthly rates and apply for the whole season August 30, 2021/ 26 June 2022.
– An entire season contains 10 monthly payments. (10 automatic debiting terms or  an proportionally number of payment if the season already has started) 

 per month
30   min. Class€ 33,-
45   min. Class€ 40,-
60   min. Class€ 45,-
75   min. Class€ 47,-
90   min. Class€ 49,-

The season starts on August 30st, 2021 and ends on June 26th 2022

REGISTRATION FEE  – 1 x per year/per child € 15,-  non refundable

LATE START  Is always possible in case there is a vacant spot in the class. If you can not click on a class in the sign in procedure it means that this class is full. Please call Saskia of Marie-José, during office hours (020-6161885 ) tot talk about available other options.

TRIAL CLASS New students can take a trial class if they have been signed up in advance through our website. You have received a confirmation mail. Trial classes can only be taken if your child continues with classes joining the trial class.

PAYMENTS –   Standard direct debit for tuition please read: GENERAL CONDITIONS 2021-2022 If you need help  with the payment of the tuition fee you can contact the Jongeren Cultuur Fonds, the online registration can only be done after you have send the email stating the tuition is awarded to